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Yes On 1: A Literary Proposition

By Shane Solar-Doherty

I’ve got some pretty ridiculous news to spill. The literary magazine, once known for its ability to stimulate and titillate the minds of intellectuals across a vast spectrum of existences, is making its triumphant return into the hearts and conversations of millions and millions and millions and millions of beautiful people just like you.

I see that you’re skeptical. Well. Read this. Read this. Read this and this and this and this (not necessarily in that order). Read these.

Here at TTTR, we’ve not been shy about lauding the importance of exposing more readers and writers to literary magazines. Now, with all this good news, our blood is pumping and our veins are gushing with excitement. That’s right, I said our veins are f’n excited. Imagine how other body parts must feel. Mel and I are getting in on all the hype, pooling what little spending money we have together, and wildin’ out on literary mags, starting with Keyhole Magazine, Paper Darts, and Electric Literature. (More on our choices in posts to come.)

And that plan, to venture out together and put our financially unstable lives on the line for literature, got us thinking: If more of us who care about the current state of literature, but can’t afford to independently shell out the dough for a subscription, found a friend to join us in tapping into our inner fiscally irresponsible teenage selves and splurging on a year-long lit mag subscription, this would be a truly beautiful world. Thus, we have Yes on 1: A Literary Proposition.

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