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Next week, on The Things They Read…

Well, perhaps not next week, but in the coming weeks I have some great reviews planned! Despite not having a review mailbox (PO boxes ain’t cheap) listed on the blog, I am always open to receiving books to review! My list tends to lean toward books that have been out a while, so receiving newer books is always a great incentive to keep up to date on the current publishing scene. So, what do we have in store?
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Someone Ought to Tell You to Read This Story

By Melanie Yarbrough

Shane and I are getting amped about the event coming up at Harvard Bookstore on November 3rd: a discussion on the Best American Short Stories 2010. I’ve been collecting these anthologies since I lived in Georgia because I appreciate the range of stories each year’s collection contains; the main common thread is that they’re the best. The bookshelf above my bed is lined with them. I’ve bought copies at Harvard Bookstore, Barnes & Noble, Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson airport, Salvation Army. Something about their covers, all of my defenses and better judgment go out the window. So you can imagine the willpower it took to wait for my next paycheck to finally get my copy of this year’s regal-looking black and gold collection. And you can imagine my giddy delight when I saw that Steve Almond was not only the first story in the book, but also one of the two contributors scheduled to discuss the collection next month. It’s no secret: We love Steve Almond.

For those of you not as excited, I’m here to give you a little help, review-style. That’s right, now you’re excited.

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