Zone One: Expanding the ‘zombie canon’

I’ve been going off the literary deep end lately: Watching The Walking Dead, reading a book about werewolves, even playing Left4Dead on my boyfriend’s Xbox (when he’s not there). Maybe it’s the current cultural climate, the feeling that anything in government goes, that despite what we’ve always been led to believe, there, in fact, are no rules. The world’s threshold of possibility is suddenly limitless, to a terrifying degree. That’s my explanation, at least, for this seeming resurgence of zombie culture fixation.

This is all to say that I am very, very excited for Colson Whitehead’s Zone One, out last week. I’ve requested it from the library, and I’m devouring (like the brains of the living) (sorry) interviews and reviews of it. So if you’re at all interested, I’ve compiled some of my favorites.

Colson Whitehead on Zombies, ‘Zone One,’ and His Love of the VCR, The Atlantic

The living dead take Manhattan in ‘Zone One’, Seattle Times

‘Zone One’: What Happens When Zombies Take NYC, NPR Books

The Thinking Man’s Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse, WSJ Speakeasy Books

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One thought on “Zone One: Expanding the ‘zombie canon’

  1. Totally excited about this… we heard the NPR piece. I can never seem to get enough of zombies (when they’re done well, anyway).

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