Come on baby, light my fire.

I haven’t yet jumped onto the eReader bandwagon. It’s not because I want to defend physical books to the death. Nor do I subscribe to some conspiracy theory about how, once physical books are replaced by digital books, our history of knowledge will be unpluggable. (Did that make sense? It’s a scary thought, and one someone should write a book about — Margaret Atwood busy these days? — and one I don’t care to flesh out in my mind.) The real reason is that I don’t have the money — not only for the physical eReader, but for all of the digital goodies thereafter. I’m a library rat, and I think strong partnerships between publishers and libraries is necessary to equalize the digital consumer market (and usher it into public right rather than commodity). Until I can easily borrow a book from my local library and load it onto my (affordable) eReader, I don’t see myself making the investment.

Enter the Kindle Fire, with its Nook-like visuals and tablet-ish capabilities. If When someone hacks into this bad boy and makes it Android-capable, this thing’s going to take off. Because unlike the HP TouchPad, which shot off the shelves at a $99 price point after its production shutdown, Amazon most likely won’t halt production on the Kindle family any time soon. Sure, Apple probably comes out on top if you want to compare the ease of use of iTunes to Amazon’s store. This is especially thanks to Apple’s saturating the market with ways to access its store; familiarity wins out so much of the time. On the other hand, while the army of Apple fans should not be underestimated, there are the leftovers, the anti-Apples who having been waiting idly by for another option. Brand loyalty aside (seriously, why hasn’t Atwood written this book yet?), Amazon has its own set of unique offerings that the Kindle gives its users, including Cloud Drive, Music Cloud, and Video Streaming.

And while I’m a middle-of-the-roader on that issue, the price point alone is enough to sway my vote.

What’s your stance on eReaders? Are you excited for the Kindle Fire?

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