Librarians speak up; McGraw-Hill listens

McGraw Hill’s e-book policy with libraries finally takes into consideration those that know libraries the best: Librarians.

The McGraw-Hill eBook Library will offer about 1500 titles in pre-assembled collections covering engineering, computing, business, medicine, and study aids. New books will be added at no additional cost, but custom collections are not available.

“Once you subscribe to a specific collection, you would get access only for this collection,” Ann Pryor, a senior publicity manager for McGraw Hill, told LJ. “For example if you bought one-year subscription to the Business Library, you would get access for one year to 406 titles and the additional front-list updates that are going to be added to this collection throughout the year,” she said.

The company chose the unlimited concurrent usage model based on market research with librarians and patrons, Pryor said.

“We believe that in this stage of the digital transformation and the way content is currently consumed in libraries and corporations, the unlimited concurrent usage model addresses the needs of our customers in the most effective way,” she said. “For example, during ‘high-demand’ seasons, like midterms or finals, all the interested students in the academic libraries will have access to our content without limitation. We expect that to improve patrons’ performance, the librarians’ satisfaction level from this product, and our position in this market segment,” Pryor said.

Launched on May 13, McGraw Hill’s policy supports the rich tradition of libraries and ushers in the digital age.

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