Monday, Monday.

Soooooo… Friday’s Porter Square Book Blogger Event was a success! I arrived a little early and scoped out the crowd. Sadly, there seemed to be no one there, which actually eased my nerves a bit. I met Josh Cook of Porter Square Books, Ann from Books on the Nightstand and Marie from The Boston Bibliophile. Sadly, the other bloggers couldn’t make it, but it was a nice intimate event with a kick-ass group of people there to see it. The whole thing sort of turned into a chat about book recommendations, with members of the audience telling us what they’d recommend, asking about blogging, and the three of us telling stories about blogging. Among the audience members was Tahleen of Tahleen’s Mixed Up Files. I’d highly recommend checking out these blogs for great (and a wide range) of book recommendations and thoughtful book reviews. Books on the Nightstand also offers a weekly podcast, so if you’re more interested in listening to book talk, that’s where you should go.

The event lit a fire under me to spruce up the blog, so expect a few changes coming. There are some things I’ve had on the docket that I figured would make the whole operation run more smoothly and make the site easier to navigate, but I’ve yet to incorporate them. I’m excited to update my calendar with book events coming up around Boston that I can write about and more up-to-date books that I’ll be reading.

What functionalities or topics would you like to see covered on the blog?

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7 thoughts on “Monday, Monday.

  1. Glad to hear it was a success! I attended a debut author panel at here in Chicago for the annual Lit Fest. I was only going to pick up Rebecca Makkai’s debut novel, but I loved the other three authors so much that I walked away with three autographed books. It’s a good thing I didn’t sign up for other panels this weekend. No suggestions for you on the blog. I’m still learning as I go along!

  2. Trish says:

    Hi there. I attended the Porter Square Books event on June 3 and enjoyed myself. I wrote up something and posted it on my blog. Check it out and leave a comment there on what you think of it:

    • Mel says:

      That’s great! Thanks for the write-up, and especially for coming out. It was my first event like it, and it was so wonderful to have such a turnout. Love Boston readers!

  3. Tahleen says:

    Hooray! It was great to meet you, thanks for the shout out. 🙂 We should figure out that meetup!

  4. The Girl says:

    What a lovely event, I’m terribly jealous!

  5. Marie says:

    Mel, it was great to meet you at the Porter Square event! I hope we cross paths again soon 🙂

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