Shh, they can hear me.

A little quiet on the blog front so far this week. Busy at work, busy at home. Move coming up and just getting my shit together. I’ve taken a mini-hiatus from writing (well, now it’s official rather than just a guilt-ridden period of not-writing), and tonight marks the first night devoted to just writing. What are you doing today?


2 thoughts on “Shh, they can hear me.

  1. I love Laurel and Hardy! For some odd reason, I get a lot of writing done at work – during our slow days. Something about the constant noise and the fact that I can’t turn on a tv or text ppl really helps me stay focus. But instead of writing tonight, I’ll be catching up on the French Open and seeing Bridesmainds. Hope you get a lot done tonight!

    • Mel says:

      Thanks! Yeah, I get some waves of creativity at work, too, and aside from that nagging voice saying I should be doing other things, I usually like what I end up with.

      Bridesmaids is awesome. Enjoy!


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