Can’t wait to read: MORE non-fiction

Guys, I don’t know what’s happening. All of a sudden I can’t get enough real life. Well, let’s clarify: I can’t get enough of other people’s real life. I’m all set with my real life.

I got a NY Times Books Update today whetting my appetite for the newest non-fiction gem I plan to devour (wow, way too many metaphors). Harold Bloom‘s The Anatomy of Influence is described as such:

At the age of 80, with almost 40 books behind him and nearly as many accumulated honors, Harold Bloom has written, in “The Anatomy of Influence,” a kind of summing-up — or, as he puts it in his distinctive idiom, mixing irony with histrionism, “my virtual swan song,” born of his urge “to say in one place most of what I have learned to think about how influence works in imaginative literature.”

I could hear your breath quicken. But get in line, I already requested it from Winchester Public Library.

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