Interview with a Librarian

Sorry, Brad Pitt’s not in this one. Instead, there’s a witty librarian who hails from Mississippi named B. David.  HTMLGiant’s Sean Lovelace called up “10 public libraries in 10 random states” and asked to interview a librarian via email. Out of all ten he received several hang ups, several email addresses, but only one full email interview.

Some of the highlights:

HTMLGiant: Have you seen a major shift lately in reader tastes and the types of books they read?

David: This is impossible to answer….Every community has its needs though. I mean, you travel to one library, and paranormal fiction is their thing. You drive to a little town filled with Yuppies, and they got tons of books on how to shop at Whole Foods and buy J. Crew. It really just depends. So, no…No major shift.

Out of his little lottery, it seems that Lovelace got an interview from one of the best candidates. Check out more of the insightful and optimistic interview at HTMLGiant.

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