What I’ll be reading very soon.

Like I’ve said I keep saying, I’m almost done with the Oates memoir. Last night, I picked up two books from the library to ease my fear that I will be without reading material while I’m away again this weekend. Both of my picks are short story collections to continue my celebration of Short Story Month 2011, and to hopefully find some fodder for more short story reviews. What’s on the docket? I’m glad you asked…

First of all, my interest in both of these books were sparked by Alan Heathcock, of whom I had never heard before last week. He is the author of Volt, a collection of short stories, my first book. The mini-review of his short stories whet my appetite, and let’s just say, I’m ready to eat!

Then, right after that mini-review is an excerpt of his guest essay, where he talks about his reactions to a Joyce Carol Oates story, “Upon the Sweeping Flood,” the title story of her collection Upon the Sweeping Flood published in 1966. At first, I wanted to buy this collection, but after an in-vain search of Indiebound and Harvard Bookstore online, I poked around Amazon to see the book’s availability. According to them, it’s a collector’s item that runs about 200 buck-a-roos. Thank the heavens for libraries, am I right?

I love the intricate webs of the literary world and all the ways we’re inspired to read something. While the internet is killing everything good and print-related, etc., you gotta give it some credit for bringing authors and readers together on a more personal level.

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