Just Read: “Jesus-es” at Staccato

Just wanted to drop in real quick and recommend you read “Jesus-es” by Sarah Lefkowith over at Staccato Fiction today.

Why? you ask. Fine, I’ll tell you.

Because Lefkowith illustrates the divide between religion and relationship, iconography and a living, breathing savior. I am a defunct Christian, but like Judaism has become more a culture and an identity than strictly a religion, I feel a connection to the stories and beliefs associated with the Bible. Call me crazy, hypocritical, confused, but “Jesus-es” touched on a dual-citizenship I hadn’t realized that I subscribed to.

Lefkowith’s story is a succinct portrayal of what it is to respect another’s beliefs and to see yourself through that person’s filter, even if that other person’s filter includes the tiny plastic eyes of Jesus-es.

What I Wish I’d Written:

” I use Jesus in my speech, sometimes. ‘Jesus fucking Christ!’ I yell at the biker who nearly slices me in half. ‘Watch where you’re going, jackass!’ Or, after a long day at work – ‘Christ, I need a drink.’ Or a reference to Mary – a whispered ‘Holy Mother of God’ – in stunned reaction to the truly horrendous redecorating my roommate has done in our kitchen. I have a pop culture Jesus. I have a non-religious Jesus. I have the Crystal Light version of Jesus or maybe an I-Can’t-Believe-It’s-Not-Jesus margarine blend.”

(Photo taken at the Philadelphia Magic Gardens)

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