Goodbye, Typewriter.

Friends often tease me about my old lady tendencies, which I prefer to call my vintage tendencies. After being challenged as to why I still used a typewriter, I decided to name her Nostalgia. It’s true, typewriters aren’t the most efficient method of writing, but when you’re trying to tap into that (sometimes empty) creative space, the accompaniment of the sound of your stories can be the difference between progress and atrophy. Not to mention, they’re app-free, a rare jewel of a quality these days. After all, writing by hand is the least efficient way to communicate, but that hasn’t died yet. And a good thing, too, because I couldn’t bear the end of typewriter production and good old snail mail all at once.

Seasoned authors always tell young writers to guard their writing space, and this is how I defend my own. Here’s Nostalgia (and good friend, Nabila Zoraya) in all her robin’s egg glory:

What outdated vintage methods do you get flack for but love anyway?

(Top Image via The Atlantic slideshow)

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2 thoughts on “Goodbye, Typewriter.

  1. Big fan of typewriters because I am addicted to that sound! I’ve actually been helping with some data entry at work and I am surprised by how many people reply on our certificates by using a typewriter. I still will write by hand and if I write using my computer, I have to turn off the Internet connection. Writing things down on paper lets me rethink what I want to say while typing it into a Word Doc.

    • I’m completely with you on writing things by hand before transcribing to my computer. I love that minor editing process! Each time my story goes from one medium to the next, it morphs, and I love taking advantage of that transfer.

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