What does Borders bankruptcy mean for the book?

By Melanie Yarbrough

I love new Twitter followers, particularly non-spammy ones who have connected with me for the things we have in common. Today Josh Cook, or InOrderofImport started following me. Upon browsing his blog, In Order of Importance, I stumbled upon this little gem of a thought on the recent Borders bankruptcy:

Like pretty much everything else, the bankruptcy of Borders isn’t just one thing; its recent changes in technology, long term shifts in American culture, and the particular decisions made by Borders. Prices at Amazon. Supermarkets selling Harry Potters at next to nothing. Erosion of book coverage in the media. Hopefully something positive will come from the Borders bankruptcy. Maybe publishers will become more assertive against Amazon. Maybe more book buyers will shop at indie bookstores. Maybe the book as objects sold in bookstores will continue to diminish and eventually be replaced by something else. It is far too early to tell, but as with all news making events, the Borders bankruptcy gives a chance to ask big questions. The question here: how important are books to society? And, since we’re asking: what are you willing to pay to make sure there are books around for your grandchildren.

Head over to Josh’s blog on food, sports, politics, and books for more of his insight into Borders bankruptcy then share your own.

What discoveries have you made this week?

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