What my problem is…

By Melanie Yarbrough

I don’t read enough blogs!

Okay, scratch that. I work at a company whose blog I write for; I serve as the somewhat liaison for bloggers who write for my company. So the problem isn’t blogs, per se, but book blogs. I don’t read enough of them. I read books, I read magazines, I read emails and random DIY blogs, but book blogs? Not so much.

Phew, confession time over. The truth is, no matter how ridiculous my to-read list gets, I’m always looking for insight into books I’ve read or plan to read. It’s why I joined the No Fun Book Club, and the reason I started this little blog. So today I set out to discover some new blogs to fall in love with, and thanks to one of our regular readers, Short Story Slore, I found some keepers:

  • She Is Too Fond of Books: First off, she used the word “poo-poo” in a post, which automatically makes her a keeper. Beyond that, there is a great mix of classics and more recent publications. Read the classics with Whitney over a month-long period with her Read-Along program.
  • The Literate Housewife: Another great review site powered by a book-loving woman! I love the way she incorporates audio books into her reviews. It’s easy to forget the different ways that people experience literature, and the medium definitely has an effect on the reader reaction.
  • The Book Lady’s Blog: Well, I actually discovered Rebecca way back when, when I started this blog, but (confession time again!) I’d let keeping up with her reviews fall to the wayside. I know, I know, I’m wagging my finger at myself! I love her fun and irreverent attitude toward reviewing, which in no way translates to an irreverent attitude toward literature.
  • Stuck in a Book: What strikes me about Simon’s blog is that he’s willing to experiment and always challenging his readers and fellow bloggers to do so as well. I lovelovelove the My Life in Books series, and I’m devouring his archives on lunch break!
  • Paperback Reader: Firstly, the play on the Beatles’ song knits my blanket. Second of all, her newly-begun series titled “Thirty for Thirty” where she highlights thirty books she’s read in her thirty years of life that have made an impression is a great idea and my number one reason for going back for more. (I prefer paperbacks, too.)
  • Book Snob: I love Rachel’s no apologies claim of being a book snob. We should all stand together, shouldn’t we? She is a “Londoner transplanted in New York,” and her blog represents her various interests well. I enjoy the laid-back, lifestyle feel of her blog that balances well with her serious treatment of reviewing and reading.

Phew! Those are the first handful that I’ll assault you with for now. What I love most about these blogs are that blogrolls lead to more blogrolls which lead to the number 332 on my phone’s RSS feed app.

Now that the glutton in me has binged on book blogs, I’ll lick my literary lips and slow down. I’m thinking of starting a blog highlight series to showcase some of the great readers, reviewers, and writers all over the web. Check out these great blogs as well as our other faves under the advisory board tab at the top of the screen.

What are some of your favorite lit blogs? (You can tell me about your own!)

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2 thoughts on “What my problem is…

  1. I follow all of those! I started with The Literate Housewife, which introduced me to The Book Lady’s Blog and then I began adding a ton from there to see which ones I wanted to follow. When I couldn’t find a short story one, I decided to start my own šŸ™‚ And I agree with your comment about not reading enough book blogs – I feel that way at times. Or that if I’m writing my own post, I should be reading other blogs and vice versa. And then I think no, I should actually be reading, then no I should be writing, and it’s downhill from there…
    I recently found Short Story Reader (http://shortstoryreader.blogspot.com/) if you’re looking for a short story blog – love those!

    • Awesome, thanks so much. Yeah, my starter kit was your blogroll, so thanks! I definitely need to come up with a plan for when to read, when to write, and you know, sleep and eat, etc…

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