Good morning, Sun.

Well, that title is a fantasy if ever I had one. I awoke at 6:15 today as per my usual and peeked out the window hoping for a blanket of snow as was predicted for these parts. (I’m not a masochist; I was just hoping for a snow-justified work-from-home day!) Alas, there was a light dusting on the lone car outside my window. I decided to work from home anyway, sans snow; reason #62 my job is pretty cool.

Instead of climbing back into my comfy bed, I did what I’ve been meaning to do for so long: I got ready, went to 1369 coffeehouse, and I wrote. Granted, what I was writing is a story that was supposed to be sent out to my writing group yesterday, but my successes won’t be overshadowed by deadlines.

At pretty much every reading I’ve been to or writing class I’ve taken, the number one bit of advice seems to be to write everyday. To find your place and your space and your time, guard it and create something everyday. This has been something I’ve been struggling with so much lately, finding not only my space, but the desire to shut down other areas of my life in order to make that time and place.

Where do you struggle in your writing life? I suppose it isn’t fair to just assume that all heavy readers are also writers, but alas, it’s something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately. How do you make that time? How do you discipline yourself and explain to others who may not understand?

– M

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3 thoughts on “Good morning, Sun.

  1. It helped that I moved 2 states away 🙂 When I lived in my hometown, I had so much going on with friends, family, gym, work, etc. and no one really understands when you want to sit out a whole Saturday to read and write. I got a job in Chicago and the first thing I thought was all the free time I would suddenly have. A year later and very little writing was completed. It wasn’t until my sister moved in with me this past fall that I forced myself into a schedule. My reading time is during my commute to and from work. The evenings my sister goes out with her boyfriend are the nights when I write. Now we’re even making it routine to visit a coffee shop one morning each weekend so she can job hunt and I can write. Sometimes I’m just not in the mood to write and I don’t force it, but usually taking the time to read a really great short story motivates me when I need it most. I’m also meeting up wtih a writing group too, so I hope that helps me even more.

    • I know what you mean about looking forward to ample writing time then coming up with nothing! It seems the nights when I have no plans, my mindset is that I have all the time in the world, which always ends up backfiring. I definitely need to come up with a schedule, and finding a buddy to hold me to it sounds ideal.

      What do you think of the writing group? I love how it’s expanded my writing; I’m definitely more experimental now with voices and worlds and characters than I was before.

      Thanks for stopping by!

      – Mel

      • I meet up with the writing group for the first time on Tuesday, so I hope it helps! I’ve been doing workshops for stories through emails, but I need to find a solid couple of people to meet with face-to-face. Should be interesting!

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