Sunday’s Fictionaut Fiction Nugget: The Babies by Gary Moshimer

By Melanie Yarbrough

It’s been a while since our last Fictionaut Fiction Nugget, but we’ve got a killer bit of flash this week.

Gary Moshimer has four paragraphs of quiet observation and intense emotion in his story, “The Babies.” There are the things we know: It’s raining, there is a funeral, a survived pregnant widow, the smell of cigarette smoke. And then there are the things we feel: The inability to understand why some people live and some people die; the disparity between sermons and fact; the theatrical movements of a funeral and a burial; the crumbling that happens in the chest cavity that we so inadequately describe as “grief.”

Moshimer is killer with this glimpse, as though the world of “The Babies” were a dark room  illuminated by a camera flash, the image lasting longer in the mind than in the moment of seeing.

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