The Things They Wrote: New Contest Alert

By Melanie Yarbrough

One of my goals for 2011 was to complete five stories and submit them to literary magazines. With my writing group serving as motivation, I set out to do just that. At the moment, I have two stories in the hands of Redivider and Ploughshares, and another story in the works. Not bad for the pre-ides of March, I’d say.

If one of your goals is to write, submit, and get rejected/published this year, may I suggest supporting my alma mater’s literary publication: Ploughshares. Their fiction contest runs until March 15th, and the $20 submission fee includes a one-year subscription to the magazine. That’s pretty much a win-win if I ever heard one. Check them out, revise that story you’ve been meaning to share with the world, and submit. And may the best woman win.

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