Short Stories in the Shortest Month

By Melanie Yarbrough

It’s February again. February gets ripped off, because despite being Black History Month, it doesn’t get much attention or credit. Valentine’s Day has turned into an anti-holiday, celebrated for its easy-to-hateness. Groundhog Day is just another day when it’s an awesome idea to watch that Bill Murray movie. Before you know it, it’s the 28th or the 29th and we’re being ushered into March.

As you may have noticed, updates on the TTTR front have been hard to come by. We’ve been surviving solely on our delightful and creative friends’ Where We Live submissions (and good thing, too, or else Call & Response Zine might not have shouted out to us…). To remedy this plateau we’ve reached, I’m going to use the only cure that has ever worked: A goal and some goddamn hard work.

Every day this month I’m going to read a short story – one I’ve already read, a new one, something a friend has written, something from Fictionaut or fwriction : review –  and I will report back with thoughts, reactions, favorite lines, and lessons I’ve learned. Calling myself a writer has always started with calling myself a reader, and this month I plan to celebrate both of those things, one day at a time.

Want to join me? Send suggestions or your own reactions to stories you’ve read to or hook up with us on Twitter for a thrilling lit discussion.

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