Things They’ve Read Thursday: New Year’s Travel Edition

By Melanie Yarbrough

Since I’ve been back in the Bean, I’ve been doing some serious reading, making up for the time I spent in the Bermuda Triangle that is home. Doing some extended traveling for the holiday weekend like I am? Here’s some essential reading for the train/plane/car/Vespa/airport waiting room.

Getting Closer” by Steven Millhauser over at the New Yorker. I don’t love every piece of fiction they publish, but Millhauser’s perfectly paced story and compelling protagonist make for a quick read that begs to be read again, more slowly. He touches on a universal ennui that seems to plague Americans at a younger and younger age, making us wonder what the point of going so fast is if we don’t know what we’re rushing toward.

I made my anti-list list yesterday, and HTMLGiant makes a List of Lists. Also, check out this pseudo-list of things to do: Do These Right Things. Ah, hell, while you’re there check out Blake Butler’s homage to my hometown’s love of thug music with his showdown between Gucci Mane and Young Jeezy.

The fwriction: review has a new story up by one of my fictionaut faves Shelagh Power-Chopra, “La Plaza Del Sol.”

I just finished The Corrections, my first of Franzen, so I was drawn to this interview excerpt over at Paris Review.

Terrance Hayes guest edited this season’s Ploughshares and his “Introduction: The Sentenced Museum” is delectable.

Need more than that? fwriction’s Danny Goodman is going back through his Stories of the Day and choosing the Best of! Head over and watch the cream rise to the top.

And the new issue of Poets & Writers came today, so that’s definitely coming along for the ride to upstate NY, along with Paul Auster’s Sunset Park. I was able to read half of it on my train ride(s) yesterday, and I feel at home in it. What are you ringing in the New Year reading?

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One thought on “Things They’ve Read Thursday: New Year’s Travel Edition

  1. shelagh Chopra says:

    Thanks for the kind comments, Melanie!

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