Careful what you dream of

Dude, it’s been too long. Holidays and snow are a lame, though beautiful, excuse for the silence on the TTTR front, but that’s just what it’s been. We’ll be back soon enough with updates on all the literary goodies we received and devoured over the past week. Until then, what have you been holed up from the snow storm reading? I am heading back to Boston tomorrow, though late because of the snow storm that hit both the North and Southeast, with Raymond Carver’s biography and Kevin Wilson’s Tunneling to the Center of the Earth in tow. Pretty stoked about that. And I’m actually going to participate in this month’s Literary Mag Reading Club’s reading of Ploughshares on the Kindle app on my phone, begrudgingly putting to use the Amazon gift card my company gave me for Christmas. Don’t judge, some of it’s going to a great lit mag at least.

Hope everyone’s holidays and snowy days are swell and full of literary treats. I’m almost finished with The Corrections and then Paul Auster’s Sunset Park is next!

(PS – That’s an actual photo of my grandparents’ house in Georgia. Our first white Christmas in Newnan since the 1800s (!!) according to Wikidad.)

– M

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