Where We Live: Wigleaf, etc.

By Melanie Yarbrough

It’s been a busy week, what with my preparations to go home for the holidays and Shane’s working crazy hours. We’re sorry if you’ve felt abandoned. It doesn’t mean we haven’t been thinking of you, checking up on you, missing you. Have you been missing us? Is this creeping you out?

This week’s Where We Live is a hodge podge, as are our brains at the moment, and we beg forgiveness. I’ve mentioned my sudden and inexplicable need want for a Nook color. I’ve mentioned – if not to you, then to all of my poor, inexplicably patient friends – the delicate state of my bank account, partially thanks to my inability to stop purchasing other necessities such as Keyhole Mag and Paper Darts and then there was that ill-advised Penn Station impulse buy of the New Yorker with David Means‘ story in it. It’s true: We live in lit mags, whether they’re online, offline, at the library, on Shane’s fancy new iPad, or on my phone. We can’t get enough. So I wanted to share a couple of the places where I’ve been shacking up the past week (and the couches where I plan to surf in the near future):

  • Wigleaf, of course, is amazing, and today they have some killer flashes and a postcard by Roxane Gay (whom I’ve deemed Roxstar Gay).
  • We gave the new fwriction: review a big fat welcome yesterday, and we spent some time cozied up with Casey Lefante’s “Love Letter.”
  • Five Dials, a free online literary magazine, recently did a beautiful and insightful tribute to David Foster Wallace in their 10th issue.
  • (Shameless plug!) One of my bits of flash fiction was recently published in the new issue of Ramshackle Review, truly an honor to be published next to other greats like Stephen Hastings-King and Meg Pokrass.
  • As usual, no matter who I dance with at the bar or whose business card is stuffed in the back pocket of my jeans, I and my sheepish grin always return to fictionaut. My most recent discovery is “The Belt” by Julie Innis, who always mixes the perfect amount of creepiness with revelation.  Check out what some of my faves are every Sunday in the Fictionaut Fiction Nugget. (Okay, so not actually an online lit mag, but I warned you: hodge podge.)

The Where We Live series is chance to travel to all the different places that writers and readers live, in a deeper sense than simply geography, but the mental and emotional space they inhabit during their creative lives. Interested in contributing your own Where We Live? Check out previous entries and send us what you got.

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