A big fat welcome to Fwriction: Review!

It’s Tumblr Tuesday over at one of our favorites, fwriction (writing. friction. fiction.), and today there’s a bit of an announcement. Danny Goodman, the site’s baby daddy, has launched his very own literary journal, fwriction: review. It’s a spin-off of sorts (think Daria to Beavis and Butthead rather than Saved by the Bell: The College Days), and we’re excited to see what sort of writing comes out of it. The first piece showcased is some nonfiction by Casey Lefante, “Love Letter,” written about her home in New Orleans. There are plenty of anthologies, tributes, and novels set in or dedicated to the city, and Lefante makes good company. She marries the weight of responsibility of the citizens of New Orleans with that of those of our generation with beautiful language and striking insight:

On the plane, I thought about this, about all the things that my generation has been given and what we are expected to fix. I thought about the mistakes we’ve made, the negligence, and then I thought of the mistakes that the previous generation has handed us with the expectation that we will have all the tools to do something about it.

We don’t.

Lefante is a great foot to step out into the world on, and we’re wriggling in our seats for what’s coming next. Will it come from you? Check out fwriction: review’s submission guidelines and jump in.

– M

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