A Call for Submissions or, We Don’t Know Everything

The office is quiet today, and tomorrow it will be even quieter as everyone patiently awaits the Thanksgiving holiday. My plan for the chunk of time off this week? Extreme word gluttony. I plan to take sporadic word coma naps and wake after the sun sets to only get my hands greasy again in some online lit mags I’ve been meaning to read and The Information by Martin Amis.

The truth is, here at TTTR, we’re always on the look out for new contributors to the lit love world, but we can’t be everywhere. I received an email today (from a friend who usually indulges me in David Foster Wallace admiration and foraging for new insight into his dense world of work) with a forwarded email from Five Dials, a free online literary magazine with a cool concept (into which I plan to further delve once I’m free of my day job duties). I realized, No! I haven’t heard of Five Dials. What else is there that I haven’t heard of?

So this is our call for your submissions: What do you suggest we read, review or revisit? We’re curious to know what literary nourishment you plan to overstuff yourself with this holiday. Let us know!

– M

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4 thoughts on “A Call for Submissions or, We Don’t Know Everything

  1. sloopie72 says:

    Hi Melanie and Shane – I found your site looking for comments on Danielle Evans’s “Someone Ought to Tell Her…” (I’m working my way through BASS 2010) and see you’re looking for things to read. I’m not sure if you’re looking for reviews or for stories, but I have both! If you want to stop by my blog (sloopie72.wordpress.com) you’ll find links to other blogs reviewing stories (Short Story Reader, mostly online, and I Read A Short Story Today, mostly print) as well as my very short (I just started doing this) list of online stories.
    Besides BASS, I’m reading Ha Jin’s A Good Fall, just finished a flash anthology (New Sudden Fiction, 2007, I think, there are several volumes, they’re perfect waiting-for-the-bus reading) and a couple of teeny-tiny books from Madras Press, each containing one longish short story – “The Third Elevator” by Aimee Bender, which is a charming (how could it be elsewise) and astute fable type story, and “Bobcat” by Rebecca Lee. And some other things but that’s the fiction.
    I’m going to put you on my list of places to visit.

    • Hi Sloopie,

      Thanks for stopping by! What did you think of Evans’s story and the collection as a whole?

      Thanks for all of the great recommendations! I have a couple copies of New Sudden Fiction, I believe, and I’m excited to read Hint fiction and develop a full opinion on that movement/anthology.

      – Mel

  2. sloopie72 says:

    I read “Someone Ought To Tell Her She’s Got Nowhere To Go” out of the BASS 2010 anthology, so I don’t have the collection or other stories. I’ve put it on my list of maybes. I have so many books on that list, it’s scary.

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