Things They’ve Read Thursday

It’s Thursday. You know what that means.

Well, okay, you don’t. But I’m about to tell you. (Grab a beer.)

We read a lot here at TTTR. Seems appropriate enough. And since we can’t write a post on everything we read (no, we haven’t tried, but don’t test us. Please please please don’t test us), we thought we’d share with you some of the things we’ve read in the past week. This way, you can come away with your own conclusions, instead of reading our always correct opinions.

Also, please share with us anything you think we’ve missed that we need to read. Two way streets are the best kinds of streets, not to mention the most practical.



Nicolle Elizabeth, Marcelle Heath, Meg Pokrass and Susan Tepper talk about what Fictionaut has meant to them & their careers: The Writer’s Tools – Fictionaut

An oldie but a goodie: Michael Cunningham says that you need to write for your readers.

There’s this great Aimee Bender interview over at Guernica Mag.

Roxane Gay got us thinking with a couple of posts on HTMLGIANT: Let’s Keep It Real briefly explores James Frey’s new publishing scheme, and Barnes & Noble Made Me Sad Last Night is about a book graveyard.

If you can’t figure out the words to describe hipsters, let Mark Greif do it for you in the Sociology of the Hipster.

There’s some talk about Hint Fiction, an anthology of very, very short stories, over at The Millions.

10 Online Lit Mags You Should Be Reading.

Nadine Gordimer is 87, and she does a hell of an interview.

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