Where We Live: 1369 Coffeehouse

By Melanie Yarbrough

We get it: It’s cliche to be a writer and love a coffeeshop. But there’s a reason coffeeshops are writer havens. This one in particular, 1369 Coffeehouse, has been mine since I moved to Cambridge three years ago. I started out in Central Square (pictured left), visiting the coffee shop because it was only a couple of blocks away from my apartment and across the street from the bar where I worked. It was cozy, the coffee was good, and the guys behind the counter had facial hair. It was everything a girl could ever want.

I grew addicted to the people watching. The Central Square location is rife with interesting characters, from Sammie with his salt-and-pepper mustache and constant halo of cigarette smoke to the occasional customer lost on their way to Starbucks trying to order a venti. It was hard to bid adieu to my favorite corner table next to the railing that seemed barely bolted into the ground, close enough to the door for the welcome blast of a cold breeze (they tend to overheat). But after a short stint in Sullivan Square, I settled into an apartment down the street from 1369’s original Inman location. Inman is much quieter, with a little more leg room, but just as overheated. It’s true: Their napkins are puny, poor excuses for coffee-absorbers. Paper products aside, the people who work at both stores have a great sense of humor, work well together and have done a phenomenal job of making you feel like the place is partly your own. I’ve met fellow writers there, shared tables with other David Foster Wallace fans, and had many an excited rant about the latest short story that knocked me off my feet. No matter where I end up, a part of me as a writer and reader will always live at 1369.

Go for: The cozy nooks & quirky baristas.

Stay for: The cozy nooks, creative atmosphere & killer iced coffee.

We want to know where you live: Send us your local favorites for getting books, reading books, or writing books to thethingstheyread@gmail.com!

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2 thoughts on “Where We Live: 1369 Coffeehouse

  1. davidhur says:

    Great timing with this post.

    One of the first things I’ve tried to seek out here upon my arrival was a good writing space. Something told me that I wouldn’t write at home, and I haven’t (though my typewriter is always so menacing with its metal glare, so I tepidly hammer out some words).

    Oahu seems to have a load of coffeehouses, but they’re the usual Starbucks, CoffeeBean, coffee conglomerates.

    I’ve been somewhat inconsistently becoming patron to one in particular, but what keeps me from sitting there all the time is that I don’t have a sense of comfort really. I want your go-for’s and stay-for’s, but more than that, writes to meet.

    On another note,

    • Dave!

      I am all too familiar with the typewriter’s accusing glare. (It’s similar but not the same as the stack of letters yet unreplied.) How is the writing going on that side of the world? I could give you my mom’s number, she’d love to make a delicious meal for you.

      Thanks for the link, I’ve been trying to get my stuff together and submit like crazy. Write up something about your current go-to, your likes and dislikes or even an ideal where you live; I’d love to have you on the blog! Glad you stopped by.

      – Mel

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