Book Sale! As though MIT students aren’t smart enough.

By Melanie Yarbrough

Apparently there’s more than just the Boston Book Festival to be excited about this weekend. October 16th and 17th, this Saturday and Sunday, MIT Press is having The Loading Dock Sale. Unless you’re a student or recent grad who keeps your ID on hand for the occasional movie discount, plan to go on Sunday, or “Open to All” day. Saturday is for students with IDs (+1 guest!) to weed out book dealers and resellers from bombarding their sweet stash; there will also be a 40-book purchase limit on Saturday.

Why Bother?

MIT Press’ website boasts “literally *tons* of books” on sale, some with up to 90% taken off their original price. Come if you’re in the market for:

  • MIT Press overstock
  • damaged books (minor scratches and dings)
  • out-of-print MIT Press books
  • journals back-issues
  • other publisher’s overstock

I’ve already reserved Saturday for celebrating my bookishness, why not throw Sunday into the mix? See you there! Check out the event’s website for more details and FAQs.

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