One Tab, Two Discoveries: Three Guys One Book & Dark Coast Press

And thus, the literary gods make their presence known once more.

After discovering that indie publisher Two Dollar Radio has a blog and subsequently subscribing to their feed, I read a post by $2R’s Editor-in-Chief about how and why they started their publishing business. (“The age of microwaveable dinners has passed. The future is bright, and I’m excited to be a part of it.”)

Then I clicked on the title of the post and some real serious stuff went down. In one incredibly loaded tab on Google Chrome, I learned that Three Guys One Book is a very awesome thing, and that they’re always highlighting unique writers and energetic publishers, like Seattle’s Dark Coast Press. Writes Aaron Talwar, publisher of Dark Coast, in 3G1B’s Why We Love What We Do series, “We’re addicted to good books, we utterly love them, to a creepy, swooning degree.” Yep. We know that feeling.

From Dark Coast’s website:

Today’s literary landscape provides an enormous precedent for invention and growth. For example, corporate publishers and major reviews maintain, on average, a 90% rejection rate. While this upholds both their means and the quality of their publications it also says to us that an overwhelming number of new writers have yet to be discovered. The work is there, the good books are being written, so why, for the most part, are readers not seeing them? Corporate book sales are down because the right writers aren’t being published. We will publish them.

Dark Coast Press published An Dantomine Eerly by Jarret Middleton in March of this year, and is set to release two more books in 2011. Keep your eyes peeled — I’ve got a good feeling about this one.

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2 thoughts on “One Tab, Two Discoveries: Three Guys One Book & Dark Coast Press

  1. Hi Guys,

    Thanks for the mention. At 3G1B we’re proud to work with good books, cool writers, and sharp new publishers. We’re looking forward to seeing what Dark Coast can do, because we’re certainly in agreement about getting good books under the readers’ eyes.

    Keep up the good work over here.


  2. Shane says:

    Thanks for stopping by Jason.

    I’m happy to see that innovative publishers like Dark Coast are still sprouting up. Mel and I are big supporters of indie bookstores and publishers, especially now that we’re in a time when they are most challenged, yet also presented with the most opportunity to spark a dialogue with their audience and market their products. I personally feel that, with the strategic use of all of the resources available to bookstore owners and publishers, the indie movement has the potential to thrive in this new book environment.

    Glad I found 3G1B. Looking forward to seeing what else you fellas have in store.


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