Surf Lit in SF

Here on the east coast it’s getting frigid. Right now I’m wearing a thermal under a flannel under a sweatshirt. If I owned a pair of long-johns I’d be wearing those too.

I swear to you, three days ago I was sweating in a t-shirt. Thus, my brain’s not where my body is. It’s still searching for the warm, wet air, the edge of the water and my toes dipped in, the sprinklers and the lawn mowers and the frisbees.

And so today I’m looking at you, San Francisco, where your beach dwellers don’t just read books, but they write them too. Tonight, SF’s literary festival, Litquake, is hosting its first-ever surf-themed event, Words & Waves: An Evening of Surf Lit.

From the Litquake site:

If you think that the surfing scene only includes dunderheaded slackers who can’t put two sentences together, prepare to be stunned by the eloquence of these authors’ words about the lifestyle, the joys of riding the waves, and the humbling powers of nature.

If you’re in San Francisco, you’ve got plenty of time to catch a few more rays before heading down to Ocean Beach at 6:30, grabbing a cocktail on the house, and learning a thing or two about riding a wave.

Clearly, from the looks of this event preview, I know quite a bit about surfing… I’ll just go back to sipping my hot chocolate now. Enjoy, San Francisco!

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