Dear Central Square, It’s Over. Love, Mel

Can't decide what hurts more: The excessive use of exclamation points or the actual closing.

Is this it? It started with Hot Off the Press closing, then Pearl Art Store, then Hollywood Express and now Rodney’s Bookstore. I moved to Central Square in Cambridge, MA, the summer of 2008 without planning to fall in love. Despite being on the brink of twenty-one in an apartment of twenty-somethings and having a leather couch with no air conditioner, I fell in love with the square and considered it my home, even after my roommates and I moved across Mass Ave to Cambridgeport and my commute to work went from three minutes to seven. With rotating roommates, jobs and bikes, Central Square stayed the same. That is, until my favorite breakfast place right next to work shut down. I didn’t take heed of this bad omen, and held on tight to 1369, Clear Conscience Cafe, and Carberry’s for dear life. This past fall, Pearl Art Store closed its doors, but I knew that the Artist & Craftsman Supply across the street would absorb the artists in the area, several of which are or have been my roommates. April 26th marked the further consolidation of Hollywood Express’—previously three—locations. But this is it; I can’t just sit back and pretend a love affair that started a couple of years ago—so new, so fresh, and so fulfilling—is the same as it used to be. It’s time to move on, you know? I applauded the closing of Tello’s (their clothes never fit the same after a wash) and Gap, but it seems the economy is not prejudice. It seems more and more businesses that we recognize are being replaced by businesses from Logorama. Is this the future of Central? I hope not, but then maybe it’ll win an Oscar or something.

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