What Impossible Things Have You Believed Today?

Some of my stronger memories from my younger days are of fights I had with my siblings. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean nasty, horrible, traumatic fights; I mean the kinds of quarrels referenced when you say, “Someday we’ll look back and laugh.” And that’s one of the reasons I love these memories, because now we laugh. From being forced to wake up my oldest sister in the mornings because I was the youngest and she (probably) wouldn’t hit me, to forcing everyone to watch Alice in Wonderland every time it was on television. This is one of my favorites; my brother and I would argue, usually through the entire movie, ruining any chance I had of enjoying it. Then the movie would end, he’d change the channel, and I’d go back to playing with whatever toy I’d abandoned. We developed a rhythm. The fighting was worth it, though, because Alice in Wonderland was absolutely my favorite book and, thus, cartoon. Ever.

And so, I was stoked like a fire to find this blog: Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast (Why Stop at Six?) It’s a blog about books with interviews with illustrators, editors and authors alike. The art on here is beautiful and inspiring–not in a hokey, cheesy way, but in a look at what unique and forward-thinking things these people are doing with colors, shapes and media, some of which look impossible and all of which I believe.

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